by Leto

They label me, they label everyone. Because of my label, everyone's afraid of me. I don't want that. How could I want that? Nobody wants that....

It's boring here, boring here. My mind wanders all the time. Humans say I don't have a mind. That I'm not real. Well, I got news for you, sometimes things aren't what they look like, and just 'cos you think I'm not real doesn't mean a thing.

Only I know that, and I know that...

But, a mind is worth nothing... all it does is drive you slowly mad, slowly mad... I wish, I wish I was soulless like the people say.

All there is are stereotypes of me, and I can't be bothered, can't be bothered to prove them wrong. It's kinda fun to pop out of nowhere and hear them scream. I don't care, don't care anymore what they think of me.

They say, they say ghost Pokemon are dead Pokemon. They know nothing, know nothing. I'm always here, always was, but I've always been me. Except when I evolved. When I evolve again, evolve again, it will have to be at just the right time. Because I only get one chance, and then I'll be a Gengar, be a Gengar forever.

The one change in my life, that will be, so I have to use it carefully, because there will be nothing, nothing after it...

They say, they say I'm a Pokemon, but I'm not. I can be caught, that's all, and that is nothing to be proud of. I'm not a real Pokemon because...

I can't die.

They say, they say that's something worth having. But I would give everything, everything - which is nothing, because I am nothing.

Haunter, haunter... they say, they label me, they label everyone.

But they can't label someone who's nothing.

We live to die, but I can't die, so I don't live.

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